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Finally, we are past the 100 degree plus weather for the summer. It seemed to me that summer temperatures just went on and on. Now as we approach fall when cold weather arrives it will most likely come quickly and sneak up on us. We recommend that you watch the weather forecast for when we will be having some cold, freezing temperatures so you can have your pipes and faucets ready. Temperatures between 29-32 don’t worry me too much, but temperatures below 28 degrees do. These temperatures can freeze and break pipes, faucets and appliances that are not protected.

The suggestion I would make is to protect your pipes and outside faucets against freezing before it gets here. For hose faucets that come through your wall you can purchase an inexpensive outdoor faucet cover that hooks onto the faucet and insulates it. If the pipe comes out of the ground wrap the pipe and faucet with insulation (or an old towel). For larger items like a water softener, water heater, pool pump and filter, or sprinkler valves that are above ground or uncovered, you might use an old blanket or sleeping bag if you don’t want to spend the money to purchase an insulating blanket. A little bit of prevention can save you headaches and costly repairs in the future.

If you need help with this or any other plumbing problem, please call “Your Favorite Plumber” at Whitney’s Water Systems. 
The next few weeks is one of the reasons we live here as we have beautiful weather.
Sincerely, Bruce Whitney

Did You Know?

When was the last time the water heater in your home or business was drained?

DID YOU KNOW: Most water heater manufacturers recommend that the water heater in your home or business be drained or flushed at least every 6 months and more often if you have extremely hard water – which we do in Moapa Valley. If you have a water softener then every 12 months is probably sufficient.

Flushing the water heater saves you money in several different ways. Here are just a couple of them. Flushing removes the calcium build up that occurs in the bottom of the tank when the heating elements are working. As it builds up eventually the lower element get buried in calcium and two things happen 1) the element will over heat and burn out because it is running longer resulting in significantly less or no hot water 2) when it is buried the element is now heating calcium instead of water so it works inefficiently resulting in increased electric or gas bills. When flushing the water heater watch what is coming out of the hose. Is it rusty? This is an indication of eminent tank failure! To avoid costly repairs due to water damage you will want to plan to have it replaced. The Anode rod should be checked annually also but that is for another day.

If “Your Favorite Plumber” can help you in any way please call us today. We are open during this time for your calls. We have upgraded our protocols to ensure everyone’s safety. Have a WONDERFUL week!!

Cleaning Your Dishwasher

(If you only use your husband or children to do the dishes the following suggestions should not be followed).

As you use your dishwasher, bits of food and soap scum will accumulate. This can allow germs and bacteria to grow. A clean dishwasher also guarantees optimal performance and clean dishes.

The first thing you should do to clean a dishwasher is remove the bottom rack and check the drain. Look for any sediment or food buildup and remove it. With your dishwasher empty, put one cup of vinegar into a dishwasher-safe container (bowl, cup or glass) and place it on one of the racks. Run a normal washing cycle. Your washer will use the vinegar to clean itself, removing stains and odors as it does so. To brighten the washer’s interior and improve its smell, you can spread a cup of baking soda along the bottom of the washer and run a short hot water cycle. You can use these dishwasher cleaning methods together with one another once every few months for maximum effect.

If your dishwasher is filled with mold, put a cup of bleach in the bottom of the washer and run a full cycle. CAUTION: Do not use bleach if the interior of your washer is stainless steel and NEVER mix bleach with vinegar or baking soda. To ensure a clean and clear sink drain, run the garbage disposal each time before running the dishwasher.

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