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Cleaning Your Dishwasher

(If you only use your husband or children to do the dishes the following suggestions should not be followed).

As you use your dishwasher, bits of food and soap scum will accumulate. This can allow germs and bacteria to grow. A clean dishwasher also guarantees optimal performance and clean dishes.

The first thing you should do to clean a dishwasher is remove the bottom rack and check the drain. Look for any sediment or food buildup and remove it. With your dishwasher empty, put one cup of vinegar into a dishwasher-safe container (bowl, cup or glass) and place it on one of the racks. Run a normal washing cycle. Your washer will use the vinegar to clean itself, removing stains and odors as it does so. To brighten the washer’s interior and improve its smell, you can spread a cup of baking soda along the bottom of the washer and run a short hot water cycle. You can use these dishwasher cleaning methods together with one another once every few months for maximum effect.

If your dishwasher is filled with mold, put a cup of bleach in the bottom of the washer and run a full cycle. CAUTION: Do not use bleach if the interior of your washer is stainless steel and NEVER mix bleach with vinegar or baking soda. To ensure a clean and clear sink drain, run the garbage disposal each time before running the dishwasher.

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